About the Author of DEMILIATRIZE.CA

"I'm a mother of two young boys and a feminist environmental peace activist. I care very much about about children and the planet. Our next generation is faced with grave global warming and increasing poverty - these are the greatest challenges we face. Warships, fighter jets, armed drones, tanks - all these things that the federal government and the Canadian military spend time and money on deprive us of the resources that we need to care for future generations and the earth."

"Some people may know that I ran for the New Democratic Party in the federal election for Halifax West in 2008. In 2009, I left the party in public protest over its support for militarism. To read why I left the NDP and why I will never be a member of a political party, please go to: www.tamaralorincz.ca "


Tamara Lorincz is a long-time member of the Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace and the Halifax Peace Coalition. She is also on the national board of the Canadian Voice of Women and on the international advisory committee of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space with Dr. Helen Caldicott, renowned nuclear abolitionist. Tamara has organized many peace campaigns and events. She also writes frequently on foreign and defence policy issues. In 2003, Tamara graduated with a combined Masters of Business and Law degree from Dalhousie University. In 2005, she was the co-recipient of the International Keep Space for Peace award in New York. Tamara was most recently employed as the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Environmental Network. She is very active in the community working on peace, environmental, social justice, and children’s initiatives. She is married and has two little boys.